Investigative Tools

The Inmate Telecom System includes built-in fraud management and investigative tools that enable corrections staff to easily and effectively manage your population. The system is built with voice-print technology, and it allows for live monitoring, it supports multiple languages, and offers analysis tools to help ensure the security of your facility. Some of the important features include:

Fraud Management Features

Call Blocking

 Allows the blocking of specific numbers, area codes, prefixes, and voice mailboxes from individual inmate access. An audit trail is created automatically that keeps a record of who was blocked and why.

Call Acceptance

 Configured to automatically mute the talk path between the caller and the recipient until the call is accepted. Billing only begins once the call has been accepted.

Call Branding

 Each call is branded with the name of your facility and the inmate placing the call.

Other Fraud Management Features

 The system has built-in features designed to prevent chain dialing and minimize 3-way calls. It also prevents hook-switch flashing and dialing of extra digits.

Investigative Features

Live Call Monitoring

 The system has built in real-time monitoring of all activity on telephones that can be managed by authorized users remotely or on-site at your facility. This monitoring includes watching for called numbers, PINs and telephones. The system also generates various reports including a call alert history.

Call recording markers

 When an investigator identifies a call needed for a case, “Markers” and explanatory notes can be placed in specific spots on the recording to allow quick access.

Off-Site Storage

 All recorded calls and call details are backed up and stored at a secure off-site location.


This feature allows Investigators to determine the location of any call made to a land line. Using reverse number lookup, the name and address will be identified and a map of the location can be displayed.

Investigative Reports

 The system makes it easy to generate Investigative reports that can be exported and used to analyze inmates’ behaviors and connections.

CPC Investigator’s Toolbox

CPC offers a suite of additional tools that can be added to the system. These tools can enhance your investigators’ ability to analyze an inmate’s specific networks within the jail and in the outside community. Some of the advanced features in the toolbox include the following:

Voice print

 Continuously identifies the voices of all inmates on a call and analyzes speech from any source and in multiple languages.

Covert enrollment

 Allows the inmates’ voice prints to be identified through a process that requires no formal setup. The system creates voice prints for each inmate and compares those during call processing to positively identify the inmate using the telephone.

Identify multiple speaker events

Enables facilities to identify calls where more than one inmate is speaking on the same call.

Identify PIN sharing events

Alerts investigators when an inmate is making a call using another inmate’s PIN number.

Detailed call searching

 Enables investigators to search calls based on a wide variety of criteria, including: calls based on inmate’s cell, PIN, call date and/or call time, a prepaid calling card number or the inmate’s name.

Visual Link Analysis

Displays a visual web representation of an inmate’s connections, including other connections to other inmates and called phone numbers.

Best Known Name and Address

(BKNA) – Identifies the owner of the called telephone number.

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